AUTOMOTOR Traffic Signal Co. is a truly South African company, established in 1958. We are a small family business which has always been managed by family members.

Currently the directors are Mr. N. Eelders and Mr. A. Eelders.

We design and manufacture a large range of traffic control equipment, including:

  1. Traffic signals. Light-Emitting Diode (LED) and incandescent.
  2. Background screens for traffic signals. Standard polymer and ST.
  3. Traffic signal poles. Standard, over-head (cantilever) and totem (extended).
  4. Traffic signal controllers.
  5. Traffic signal controller cabinets. Galvanised steel, powder coated and die-cast aluminium.
  6. Maintenance and management communication software and hardware.
  7. Other accessories. Pedestrian push button stations, pole-top terminal boxes, brackets, etc.
  8. Traffic signal stubby cabinets.

All of our products are designed as well as manufactured in-house. All products, as far as practically possible, make use of materials and components which are locally available. In doing so, AUTOMOTOR is supporting local industry, which in turn aids the current unemployment problem faced in Southern Africa.

We pride ourselves on being able to give good and sustainable service to our customers, particularly with regards to any technical difficulties they may encounter. We continuously use our customer feedback to improve and extend our product range.

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