Management System                                                                              
Outststion Transmission Unit
The AUTOMOTOR Instation is a
centralised maintenance and
management system intended for
all models of controllers
manufactured by ourselves. The
diagram to the right shows the
basic system architecture. The
system makes use of a GSM
cellphone network to transfer data
between the central computer and
the controllers as well as
synchronise the system.
Our Instation System offers the
following features:
All intersections on the system are synchronised (co-ordinated) via the network. The Instation makes use of a
receiver to ensure an accurate time base which does not drift.
The system allows monitoring of faults and events remotely rather than relying on the public to report faults.
The system helps greatly with maintenance management since all events and faults are logged at the central
database. Serious faults are relayed directly to selected technicians via SMS.
Timing data can be uploaded and downloaded from the central computer. This eliminates, to a great extent, the
need for technicians to carry expensive equipment to site where their safety may be compromised.
On a daily basis the system automatically connects to all intersections, synchronising them as well as downloading
stored event data.
The operation of signals, loop detectors and pedestrian pushbuttons can be monitored remotely in real time.
Instation Transmission Unit Instation Software- Main Screen Instatiopn Software - Intersection Editor Instation Software - Live Signals
Outstation Transmission Unit (OTU) -
This connects to any model of
controller to enable communication
with the central computer.
This Instation transmission unit contains two modems and couples
directly with the central computer to enable the software to
communicate with the controllers in the system.
Screen shot of the monitoring software
-Main Screen
Screen shot of the monitoring software
-Live Signal Monitoring
Screen shot of the monitoring software
-The database form for adding, editing and deleting
 intersection information.
Instation System Architecture
The AUTOMOTOR Instation is a centralised maintenance and management system
which is compatible with all models of traffic light controller manufactured by ourselves.
The Instation software and hardware allow monitoring, fault reporting, data logging
and timing downloads/uploads from the comfort of the opefrator’s office.