Traffic Light Controllers

Our traffic light controllers are robust and perfectly suited to Southern Africa’s harsh operating environment. We currently offer a microprocessor based controller namely the Type UA. The Type UA controller is offered in two form factors, the smaller of which is called the Type UA Mini. All popular methods of vehicle detection are supported as well as GPS clock correction. The Type UA controllers are compatible with our central management system when ordered with a communications router.


Type UA

The Type UA may be configured as a 4-phase, 8-phase, 12-phase or 16-phase traffic light controller, with or without detection.


Type UA Mini

The Type UA Mini may be configured as a 4-phase traffic light controller with detection, or an 8-phase traffic light controller without detection (fixed time).

Traffic Light Controller Cabinets

All controller cabinets are weather proof and are specially designed to deter vandals. Cabinets are all manufactured from 2 mm, hot-dip galvanised steel for strength, and can be powder-coated, as an optional extra, for aesthetics and additional corrosion resistance.

Type UA Plinth-mount Controller
Type UA Mini Plinth-mount Controller
Type UA Plinth-mount Controller
Cabinet - Open View
Type UA Mini Plinth-mount Controller
Cabinet - Open View
Small Die-cast Aluminium
Controller Cabinet (for our legacy Controller Range)

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